the black album. mixtape. Webinar: Shape Shifters: Leaders Remixing History with Nikkole Salter, Dianne McIntyre, Carl Hancock Rux, Octavio Solis and Chay Yew

Actress, playwright, educator, arts advocate, and Chair of the Board of the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) Nikkole Salter will lead a virtual conversation featuring dancer, choreographer, and teacher Dianne McIntyre, award-winning poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, and recording artist Carl Hancock Rux, playwright and director Octavio Solis, and playwright and stage director Chay Yew on Friday, April 16 at 8pm CST/9pm EST.

This free webinar event is presented as part of the black album. mixtape., the second phase of a unique, three-part theatrical project titled the black album conceived by Meadows Distinguished Visiting Artist Regina Taylor ’81, a Golden Globe-winning actor, director and playwright, and presented in partnership with Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Ms. Taylor is  curating a series of ​presentations and events​ – student and artist lead – that ​promote nationwide conversations t​hat explore identity, technology, social justice and creativity in these fast shifting times.

“Our definition of art is expansive, intersecting, and inclusive of any medium or practice engaged in architecting and designing a more just and liberated future — from dreamers and gamers, to policy makers and scholars.”

Black Album Mixtape invites artists to answer the question: After 2020, what is it to be me?

Click here to RSVP.


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