Mar. 31: CNBC’s “Race & Opportunity in America: The Asian American Experience” Featuring Jon M. Chu, Jane Hyun, Andrea Jung, Edmund Lee, Phillip Lim, Karthick Ramakrishnan and Jennifer Tejada

CNBC’s “Race & Opportunity in America: The Asian American Experience” will air live Wednesday, March 31st at 8PM ET. Against a backdrop of rising anti-Asian violence, the one-hour program, hosted by CNBC’s Melissa Lee and Jon Fortt and featuring CNBC reporters Dominic Chu, Seema Mody and Ylan Mui, will take a closer look at the economic and social challenges facing the Asian-American community. CNBC’s “Race & Opportunity in America” special will also examine the myth of the “model minority” and how it has played into anti-Asian sentiment, corporate representation, the economy, education and pop culture.

The program will feature notable guests including:   

·     Jon M. Chu, “Crazy Rich Asians” Director

·     Chieh Huang, Boxed CEO

·     Jane Hyun, “Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling” Author

·     Andrea Jung, Former Avon CEO

·     Edmund Lee, The New York Times Reporter

·     Phillip Lim, Fashion Designer

·     Karthick Ramakrishnan, UC Riverside School of Public Policy Associate Dean and Professor

·     Jennifer Tejada, PagerDuty CEO

Following the live broadcast, viewers can join a conversation on LinkedIn, as Jon Fortt hosts a live Q&A incorporating viewer questions and comments as well as doing a deeper dive on some of the issues discussed on the program.


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