CAATA’s National Theatre Anti-Asian Hate PSA, “Stronger Together. And Stronger than Ever.” Featuring David Henry Hwang, Lea Salonga, Amy Hill, Jenna Ushkowitz, Ruthie Ann Miles, Marc delaCruz, Telly Leung & More

Consortium of Asian American Theatres & Artists (CAATA) presents this national Theatre Anti-Asian Hate PSA which includes the voices of 50+ artists from Asian/Pasifika/Native/Indigenous/MENA Theatre Leaders including Broadway luminaries such as: David Henry Hwang, Lea Salonga, Amy Hill, Jenna Ushkowitz, Ruthie Ann Miles, Marc de la Cruz, Telly Leung & so many more.


Directed by: Elena Chang

Edited by: Olivia Oguma

Produced by: CAATA Associate

Producer & Coordinator: Bri Nq Schwartz

Featuring: Adrian Budhu | Amy Hill | Andi Meyer | Ann Harada | Carla Ching | Cathy Ang | Chay Yew | Christine Toy Johnson | Christopher Chen | Conrad Ricamora | David Henry Hwang | Dawn Akemi Saito | Diep Tran | EJ Zimmerman | Elena Chang | Emika Abe | Eric Ting | Francis Jue | James Seol | Jenna Ushkowitz | Kate Rigg | Ken Savage | Kit Yan | Lauren Yee | Lea Salonga | Leilani Chan | Leslie Ishii | Lily Tung Crystal | Liz Casasola | Lloyd Suh | Macy Jocelyn Adrales Kisicki | May Adrales | Marc delaCruz | Mei Ann Teo | Midori Francis | Moses Goods | Nandita Shenoy | Natasha Sinha | Olivia Oguma | Ova Saopeng | Paolo Montalban | Pun Bandhu | Qui Ngyuen | Ralph B. Peña | Randy Wong-Westbrooke | Raymond J. Lee | Rick Shiomi | Ruthie Ann Miles | Sam Tanabe | Seema Sueko | Snehal Desai | Sophia Skiles| Tammy Hailiʻōpua Baker | Telly Leung | Thom Sesma | Torange Yeghiazarian | Young Jean Lee

Special thanks: Adrian Budhu, Alyssa Simmons, Amanda Wah, Angel Desai, Ariel Estrada, Carla Ching, Chay Yew, Christine Toy Johnson, Christopher Chen, Darren Johnston, David Henry Hwang, Dominique Nisperos, Emilya Cachapero, Eric Keen-Louie, Eric Ting, Jamie Espiritu, Jeanne Sakada, Jenny Koons, Jeremy Adams, Josh Pultz, Kathryn Jan Estavillo, Kayla Kim Votapek, Kevin Lin, KT Shorb, Lauren Yee, Lisa Gold, Mandy Hackett, Mina Morita, Mei Ann Tao, Natasha Sinha, Priscilla Son, Sarah Machiko Haber, Sienna Aczon, Sophia Skiles, Tiffany Pritchett & Young Jean Lee

Music courtesy of: Democracy (Reprise) from SOFT POWER | Play & Lyrics by David Henry Hwang | Music & Additional Lyrics by Jeanine Tesori | Choreography by Sam Pinkleton & Sunny Hitt | Directed by Leigh Silverman | A Co-Commission and Co-Production with the Public Theater & Center Theatre Group | In Association with No Guarantees | Original Cast Recording by Ghostlight Records

Consortium of Asian American Theaters and Artists (CAATA) Announces Initiatives to Combat Anti-Asian Hate and Violence 

AAPAC Releases Statement Condemning Anti-Asian Violence 

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