The PlayGround Experiment’s Voices Of America Writers Workshop Presentation Will Include Angela Hsu’s New Play, LARRY, Featuring Julian Leong, Karen Lee, Alexandra Kumala, Jonathan Wong Frye and Eric Mead 

An excerpt of Angela Hsu’s new play Larry will be presented tonight at 7:00 p.m. as part of The PlayGround Experiment’s fifth presentation of new works created by members of the Voices of America Writers Workshop. The cast includes Julian Leong as Larry, Karen Lee as Fiona, Jonathan Wong Frye as Allen, Alexandra Kumala as Angela, and Eric Mead as Andy.

The fourth group of writers to take part in The PlayGround Experiment’s exciting new workshop are Lou Johnson and Bonita Elery. They’ll be joined by Voices of America alumni Hsu, Emma Claye, Michael Perdomo, and José Manuel Pereyra. The workshop culminates with a public presentation of excerpts from these writers’ new works and the readings will be presented via The PlayGround Experiment’s YouTube. Subscribe to their channel here.

Created and taught by David Davila, the Voices of America Writers Workshop is a free eight-week workshop for people of color and members of the trans community who want to tell their own stories through long form play and screenwriting. The program was created in response to the inequality of opportunities available to marginalized communities. In this workshop writers use tools from creative writing, dramatic writing, and comedy writing/improv – focusing on idea generation, the art of dialogue, and story structure to create multi-dimensional characters and captivating narratives.

Click here to learn more about The Playground Experiment.

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