Watch: Hong Kong International Literary Festival Presents Asia Society HK Film Focus – Spotlight on an Icon: The Teachings of Bruce Lee with Shannon Lee and Ken Smith

Ken Smith in conversation with Shannon Lee.

Bruce Lee is a cultural icon, renowned the world over for his martial arts and film legacy. But Lee was also a deeply philosophical thinker, who saw in martial arts a metaphor for living a fully realized life. In her new book, his daughter Shannon Lee shares untold stories from his life and presents his philosophies in tangible, accessible ways, demonstrating how his teachings can be applied to everyday life. Watch Shannon Lee as she discusses Be Water My Friend: The True Teachings of Bruce Lee, with Ken Smith during the 20th edition of Hong Kong International Literary Festival.  In English, and available online 48 hours later with Chinese subtitles.

Click here to buy Be Water My Friend from Festival bookseller, Bookazine. 

Shannon Lee is the CEO and Owner of the Bruce Lee Family Companies and President of the Bruce Lee Foundation, as well as the daughter of Bruce Lee.

Journalist and author Ken Smith has written about music and culture on five continents for a wide range of media.

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