Inspirate Creative’s Artist Connection and Collaboration Night on January 30

Jessica Wu is hosting Inspirate Creative’s First Official Event on Thursday, January 30 at Prime Produce, 424 W. 54th St. in New York at 6:30 pm.

Writers, Directors, Actors, Filmmakers, Choreographers, Visual Artists, Dancers, Musicians – come meet your new creative community and start building purposeful, productive, creative relationships. If you’re looking to make art in 2020 (and beyond), this event is for you!


The event will begin with a short, guiding introduction followed by structured networking, opportunities to pitch your creative ideas, and information on starting and building your personal creative businesses. You’ll get the most out of the night if you arrive on-time!

TICKETS are $10 and include light snacks and refreshments.

Jessica Wu

Jessica Wu is a NYC-based writer, director, songwriter, dramaturg, and occasional performer. She is the founder of Inspirate Creative Consulting and Development, dedicated to providing clients with purposeful creative coaching and open-hearted, collaborative development sessions for works in-process.

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