East West Players’ Counter Culture FEME Readings Featuring New Works by Jeanne Sakata, Alice Tuan, Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, Kristina Wong, and Erin La Rosa on August 26

East West Players is presenting a new series of community conversations and readings titled, Counter-Culture, as part of its 53rd Anniversary Season, Culture Shock. The Counter-Culture series will explore themes that vary from immigration, homelessness, gun control, to how to create art in these challenging political times.

On Sunday, August 26th, check out the FEME (First Syllable Female) Readings features readings of new works written by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig (“The New Planet”), Jeanne Sakata (new one-person play based on Aiko Herzog-Yoshinaga), Alice Tuan (“SPIN, STIR”), Kristina Wong (“Kristina Wong for Public Office”), and Erin La Rosa (a full-length reading of “Sinkhole”), members of EWP’s inaugural playwrights group, which was directed by playwright Alice Tuan and features all-female playwrights.

FEME (First Syllable Female) Readings
5:00PM – Excerpts by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig, Jeanne Sakata, Alice Tuan, and Kristina Wong
6:45 Break
7:00PM – Reading of Sinkhole by Erin La Rosa

The readings will be held at East West Players, 120 Judge John Aiso St, Los Angeles, California 90012


Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig
Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig

THE NEW PLANET by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig
Cast: Brooke Ishibashi, Intae Kim, Marianne Lauren, Natasha Liu, James Tang
Stage Directions: Chloe Madriaga
Featuring musical works from THE NEW PLANET by Michael Roth

In this musical saga set in the wastelands of the anthropocene, Hamnet, is an albino rat who, along with his clone Fred, has been liberated from an abnormal psych lab. He searches for purpose in his new home in the sewer, where a group of male sewer rats plot to exterminate the human race and a pair of opioid-addicted amphibians soothe their pain with pharmaceuticals they distill from human urine. Meanwhile, above the sewer a pair of assimilated aliens working for Earth’s border patrol struggle to reconcile their histories on other planets with their new life on Earth, just as Earthlings have voted to exit the Intergalactic Federation and isolate themselves from the rest of the universe.

Jeanne Sakata. Photo by Lia Chang
Jeanne Sakata, Photo by Lia Chang

A new one-person play based on Aiko Herzog-Yoshinaga by Jeanne Sakata
Cast: Jeanne Sakata
Stage Directions: On Shiu

Alice Tuan
Alice Tuan

SPIN, STIR by Alice Tuan
Cast: Alice Tuan, Kristina Wong
Stage Directions: Cedric Ikaika Jonathan

As planets spin and innards stirs, Lala continues her quest for song.

Kristina Wong
Kristina Wong

Cast: Kristina Wong


Erin La Rosa
Erin La Rosa

SINKHOLE by Erin La Rosa
Cast: Kurt Kanazawa, Jeanne Sakata, Skylar Schock, Kristina Wong
Stage Directions: Alice Tuan

We all have people from our past we don’t want to think about, but what if that person showed up on your doorstep? We’ll meet Leah — utterly type-A and a total people pleaser — who is dragged back into her twisted, drunk, and hilarious past when her long-lost party pal, Summer, suddenly comes to visit. This dark comedy examines the age-old question, “Can someone ever really change?”


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