Vinie Burrows

André De Shields, Charles Busch, KT Sullivan, Luba Mason & More Set for Theater for the New City’s Gala Tribute to Actress and Activist VINIE BURROWS on February 26

Vinie Burrows
Vinie Burrows

Theater for the New City’s annual LOVE N’ COURAGE Gala – which benefits the company’s ever-important program that supports emerging playwrights – will be held this year on Monday, February 26 at 6 pm at the Players (16 Gramercy Park South) in New York City.

As it does each year, this 15th annual bash will honor a distinguished individual for his/her contributions to the life and culture of New York City, with a special emphasis on the Lower East Side, where Theater for the New City has withstood the test of time and gentrification, having recently paid off its mortgage on its theater complex at 155 First Ave. (10th St.)

This year, LOVE N’ COURAGE will salute the actress and activist Vinie Burrows, now 89-years-strong: Ms. Burrows has appeared on Broadway in the 1950’s and 60’s in MANDINGO, THE PONDER HEART, THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH, MRS. PATTERSON, THE GREEN PASTURES and THE WISTERIA TREES. Her other numerous stage productions during her long career, include SISTER! SISTER!, BEL CANTO and BLACK ON THE GREAT WHITE WAY: THE STORY OF ROSE McCLENDON. She has been active at the United Nations Economic and Social Council on the issues of the status of women and Southern Africa, and as an associate of the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press. She received the Paul Robson Award in 1986.

About the decision to honor Ms. Burrows, TNC’s leader Crystal Field remarks, “Vinie Burrows ‘is a magnificent performer.’ So said the New York Times. She is ‘one of the reigning divas of the Black Theater.’ So said Clive Barnes. But Vinie Burrows is more than a performer. She is a true activist, capable of changing the world. At the United Nations she serves as permanent representative for the Women’s National Democratic Federation. And to add to this glorious life, she finds time to be a deep and dear friend to Theater for the New City. TNC is proud to be a like mind to a Mover and Shaker who writes, ‘The future of the planet rests on people coming together to save the earth and all living things. It is 5 minutes to midnight. Come together, brothers and sisters.’”

LOVE N’ COURAGE each year includes an entertainment program, which this February will feature Charles Busch, André De Shields, Phoebe Legere, Glitter Kitty Dance, Luba Mason, KT Sullivan, Malik Work, TNC After School, Yip Harburg Foundation Rainbow Troupe, Human Kinetics Movement Arts, Chinese Theatre Works and reading selections from new plays by TNC emerging writers: NORTHBOUND by Marvalee Peart and FAT ASSES, THE MUSICAL by Peter Zachari.

LOVE N’ COURAGE will be hosted by Phoebe Legere and Matt Morillo. Mary Tierney is Chairperson for the event.

The late Betsy Von Furstenberg, a longtime supporter of Theater for the New City once remarked, “LOVE N’ COURAGE is a Valentine Gala, especially for the young writers who make Theater for the New City one of the most important theaters in this country.”

THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY – Now in its 45th year, is a unique Cultural Institution that has earned a nationwide reputation for its dedication to nurturing established and emerging playwrights who experiment with new forms and to presenting other experimental and developmental theaters with a very active program of Community Art Services and Festivals which continue to expand theater accessibility.

To purchase tickets to LOVE N’ COURAGE, visit the TNC website: or call 212 254 1109.



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