TONGUES Reading Series presents a Staged Reading of AFTERMATH to Benefit INDESTRUCTIBLE Campaign for Hurricane Maria relief efforts on December 17

TONGUES Reading Series presents a Staged Reading of AFTERMATH, a play created through the #Pages4PuertoRico collaboration to benefit the INDESTRUCTIBLE Campaign for Hurricane Maria relief efforts on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 6:00PM at Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street in New York.

In September, writer/producer Lawrence Feeney’s home was damaged by Hurricane Irma. While trying to navigate the waters of insurance, contractors and FEMA, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. He was navigating his own nightmare from the effects of Irma, but fixated on the news and some of his friends’ posts – one friend in particular – director Lainie Sakakura. Sakakura and her husband, Alex Sanchez could not locate their family members for two weeks. Mr. Feeney tried to imagine the pain and suffering of those hit so much harder in Puerto Rico, and couldn’t. He wanted to do something.

In October, Mr. Feeney started #Pages4PuertoRico by enlisting the help of 29 other writers, each one of them contributing 3 pages each to build a full-length play. AFTERMATH, is the result. It is the story of the Bonilla family’s struggle to connect and survive following the devastation and distress brought on by Hurricane Maria.

AFTERMATH is written by Lawrence Feeney, Craig Pospisil, David Hilder, Ashlie Atkinson, Tony Pennino, Robin Rothstein, Joanna Parson, Ryan Duncan, Katharine Clark Gray, Tanya Perez, Renee Flemings, Jonathan Marc Sherman, P. Seth Bauer, Jonathan Tipton Meyers, Maria Deasy, Liz Duffy Adams, Jessica Fleitman, Migdalia Cruz, Candido Tirado, Carmen Rivera Tirado, Ana Maria Jomolca, Adriana Santos, Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Analisa Velez, Donnetta Lavinia Grays, Jorge Perez, Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas, Andrew Rincón, Angelo Parra, and Raquel Almazan.

Starring Tony Chiroldes and Elise Santora. Featuring Berto Colόn, Jason Liebman, Sol Marina, Tanya Perez, Edwin Polanco, Justin Rodriguez, Alex Sanchez, Adriana Santos, Kyle Sherman, Summerisa Bell Stevens.

The creative team includes Director Lainie Sakakura, Dramaturg Alex Sanchez, Musical Director Alexander Rovang and Stage Manager Debora Porazzi.

All proceeds go to Puerto Rico hurricane relief through Cherry Lane Theatre Co-Artistic Director Janio Marrero’s ongoing campaign INDESTRUCTIBLE.

This reading is free and open to the public. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT.  Then, click CHECKOUT to add your donation.

For more information, click here.


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