Vote For Peter Kwong – Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA Elections

Peter Kwong
Peter Kwong

 “Leave No Man Behind” – The Marines’ motto 

The upcoming contract leaves many members behind.  What is not good for some is bad for all. We are a Union, we should be in this together.
Here are some of what we are losing:
  • Loss of reuse clips of performers from one episode to another without bargaining.
  • Loss of residuals reduced to $250 or $450 is split among the entire cast instead of to the individual actor for the length of the 3-5 year license run.
  • Loss of revenue to promote an episode of a series or the series as a whole without any limitation on length of time.
  • Loss of Portal to Portal.
  • Multiple Losses to Background Actors.
  • Pending claims dismissed.
  • Loss of mileage – Historic 30 mile zone expanded to 40 miles.
  • Loss of travel day.
  • Shooting more than one episode per day and being paid for only one episode.
We should have professional negotiators because we have lost so much over the years:
  • Continual losses on Cable.
  • Continual losses on New Media.
  • Loss of first class travel.
  • Loss of residuals prior to 1972.
  • Loss of Preference of Employment.
Enough is Enough!  Vote out the Leadership that approved this current contract.  Now is the time for change!!!
I have the EXPERIENCE of serving as SAG National Board of Directors for over 10 years, AFTRA National Board of Directors, Local AFTRA Board of Directors, 4 Years as Board of Governors at the Television Academy, and member of the Actors Branch Executive Committee at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.
My SERVICE is demonstrated through 40 years of committee work at SAG, AFTRA, and AEA.  Vice-Chair of the Children’s Committee, Women’s Committee, Seniors Committee, Chair of Diversity at Actors Equity, Vice-Chair of SAG EEOC, and Awards Committee. 
Vote for Peter Kwong for Los Angeles Local Board #37, National Board #124, and Los Angeles Vice-President #05.
Ballots are out now and must be returned by 6:30 AM August 24, 2017.
Thank you for your consideration.

With me, we will Leave No Member Behind.

Peter Kwong




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